What is an EPS File? And why is this type of file needed?

Designers and Signwriters use EPS files. Vector art is simple data allowing recreation of geometric shapes, and therefore can be resized to any desired dimension and still retain sharp edges and solid fills. (This is unlike JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP and other formats which contain a fixed matrix of dots/pixels that eventually become blocky and fuzzy when enlarged beyond the intended purpose ... especially noted by jagged edges on curves.)


Why are signs so expensive?

Our signs are custom made. Your sign will be hand crafted by our qualified tradesmen. Our designers create concepts that take hours to create

Signage should not be considered a cost but instead an investment that helps build your business and increase your livelihood. Signage is worth investing in as it tells people who you are and what you do, your signage needs to convey that message so it is worth investing the time in designing and creating your signage.

Status Signs also uses high quality materials that aren’t cheap, but in doing so will give your signage long life span. We coat all Aluminium Composite panels with 2pack Clear Coating to protect your sign from the Tropical weather. Digital Prints are also laminated with a clear gloss protective layer to protect them in the same way.


Are Status Signs properly licensed to carry out this work?

Yes we are. We are QBCC Qualified please click this link to read more about being QBCC Qualified.


What time frames should be allowed for my sign?


Depending on what type of sign you have ordered, will depend on the time needed to create your sign.


Here is the


General Printing - Posters, pull Up Banners, Banners

24 - 48 hours from approval date


ACM Panels - (Supply Only)

Generally our ACM panels are printed within 24 - 48 hours from approval date, then your sign is added to our painting queue which is generally done that day or the next. We then require a 24 hour period prior to collecting the sign to ensure the sign cures properly.


Lightboxes - 2 - 3 weeks

Lightboxes needs to be fabricated which depending on the queue can take up to 1 week to make. The lightbox then needs to be colour coated (24 - 48 hours). The lighting is then fitted next, which depending on what type of lightbox you have ordered can take up to a few days. Depending on the complexity of the sign


Vehicle Signage

We generally require most vehicles for a whole working day sometimes 2 depending on your coverage.

It is best to drop your vehicle off as soon as possible in the morning (from 7am) so that our guys can start on the vehicle right away. Most vehicle will then be ready for collection at 4.30pm at the latest however should your vehicle be ready before then your Sales Consultant will let you know.


These are standard turn around time however, depending on the production queue and nature of the sign, these times will vary. For urgent projects requiring faster turnaround times a 5% surcharge will be applied. This is to cover the costs of priortising your project ahead of others as extra time needs to be allocated to rescheduling our production line as well as to cover extra costs for overtime that may be required to ensure your project is delivered on time.



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