Artwork Specifications


Designers and Signwriters use EPS files. Vector art is simple data allowing recreation of geometric shapes, and therefore can be resized to any desired dimension and still retain sharp edges and solid fills. (This is unlike JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP and other formats which contain a fixed matrix of dots/pixels that eventually become blocky and fuzzy when enlarged beyond the intended purpose ... especially noted by jagged edges on curves.)


When submitting print ready artwork for signage, please use the following guidelines:



Export your file into a PDF (Portable Document File) or EPS (Encapsulated Post Script). These file formats are universal file formats, which help to ensure compatibility with our systems.


PLEASE NOTE - We can accept other file formats, however there can be import incompatibilities which require additional set-up to ensure accuracy. If this is the case then set-up fees may apply. Other file formats we can accept are: High resolution JPEG, TIFF, BMP, AI, PSD, CDR, FS. However EPS format is always preferred.


We do not accept the following file formats (as they do not work with our programs):


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) & Works (WPS), Microsoft Publisher, GIF, BMP, PNG, SVG, PICT, MIX & PCX, Visio.



Convert all fonts to curves, or include font files with document.



Please ensure that all colors are converted to CMYK mode. All our production equipment is based on a CMYK process and RGB colors show a different result.


PLEASE NOTE - To ensure color matches for “colour critical” print jobs, we can provide a colour proof on the desired media. This service does require a nominal fee. Status Signs does not guarantee colour matches, nor warranties any colour reproductions of customer supplied art files unless the customer approves a production proof of their file. Should you require a colour sample please notify your Sales Consultant.



Flatten all layers and transparencies. Some design programs such as photoshop use a layer system and sometimes these layers do no import correctly into our production software.



Set your resolution for at least 300dpi. The higher the better



For larger projects it helps to design your files at 50% or 1:2 aspect ratio, this helps to reduce file sizes and helps the file transfer process.



All JPEG/JPG files must be supplied at high quality and at least 300dpi. For digital camera photos, please use the highest quality setting the camera can take. Submit the original unmodified file to us. We do not recommend using compression when saving JPEG/JPG files.



Files can be supplied on CD, DVD, email (below 10mb) or uploaded to our FTP site via our website. There are many other free services such as wetransfer, google drive and dropbox to name a few that we can also accept.




If your artwork requires extensive work to bring it to specification, a fee of $125 per hour will be charged.


If you would like one of our qualified graphic designers to design and create an artwork proof  for you, our fee is $125 per hour.




When supplying print ready artwork, please ensure you supply an accurate printout of the layout if supplying on disk, or a low quality JPEG/JPG or PDF file if supplying via email. Final responsibility for the quality and suitability of all electronic files rests with the customer or their agent/designer. Status Signs will not accept or process files that are not compatible with its production environment or those indicated on this document. Electronic artwork supplied using incorrect file formats or construction methods will be returned to the customer for correction.


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